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If you have been using Android smartphones for some time now, you would have definitely noticed and tried using the Google Play Store app that is pre-installed on the phone. This is a very popular app center offered by Google especially for Android devices that offer the users to access millions of applications for free and for paid subscriptions. The Google Play Store is a treasure trove of all kinds of entertainment, sports, music, books, news and lifestyle apps to offer you with knowledge, fun, frolic, excitement and entertainment, any time of the day and night. All you got to do is to look for the apps that you like, be it sports, music or movies, download the app and start using it on your phone instantly.

Why use Google Play Store?

The Android device users have benefited a lot by using the Google Play Store app. The store does not just offer its subscribers with plenty of apps in various categories, eBooks, and widgets, but it offers a lot more things for the Android users. As there are millions and millions of apps on offer in the Google Play Store, it is very difficult to restrict the kind of apps that get downloaded on the devices. But, Google Play Store has been designed in such a way that it will help you to manage the configurations and the settings to enjoy better downloads and restricted downloads so that no unwanted content or any explicit apps gets downloaded on the phone.

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The advantages that you can enjoy by making use of the Google Play Store are:

  • Prevention of auto-adding widgets

There is always a shortcut widget that gets created when an app is downloaded from the Play Store. When a lot of apps are downloaded on the phone, the home screen of the phone gets clogged with all widgets. There are many widgets that you might not be using as well. This is a big headache for you as you will not be able to easily find the apps or other things on your phone home screen. This issue can be easily solved by disabling the auto add feature and to do this you just need to de-select the ‘add’ icon in the home store free download

  • Enable password option

If your Android device is accessed by other people other than you, it is always better to restrict the purchases made using Google wallet by locking it with a password. It is also a very good feature to activate if you have children accessing the Smartphone. In order to prevent kids and other users from downloading apps from the Google Play Store, just go the Settings option and then select the password option. Enter any password that you like to save it.

  • Filtering adult content

There is no restriction on the kind of apps that third party developers can upload to Google Play Store. Some of the apps might contain explicit violence, adult content, gambling, etc., that might not be suited for children and kids. In order to prevent the children from accessing such apps on the Android devices, you can go to the Play Store setting and choose the content filtering option to set the appropriate maturity level so that only such apps will be displayed when searching the app.

  • Device manager icon

The Google Play Store offers its users to access an important app called the Android Device Manager. This allows you to have full control of your device remotely. You can lock your device, delete the data that are in the device or show that it is misplaced or stolen. This can be activated by visiting the Google Play Store center and then clicking on the Gear icon to use the Device Manager icon.

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How to use Google Play Store?

If you have Google Play Store already installed on your phone, then you can have access to millions of apps and games, songs, books, videos and magazines. It is important that you need a Google account to open the Play Store app and start using it. There are many apps that are offered for free in Play Store. If you like to use higher end apps, then you need to make some form of payment to buy such apps and then download them on your device.

  • Look for the Google Play Store icon on your Android device and tap on it.
  • You will be asked to log in to your Google account, if you are trying to access it for the very first time.
  • If you have a Gmail account or any Google account, then you can use that username and password to gain access to Google Play Store.
  • If you do not have an account, then you can create a Google account on your computer or the device. Just visit, click on create an account, follow the instructions to create the account and get your username and password.

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  • On your device, look for the app menu icon on the home screen. It will be appearing in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on it to be taken to the apps section on the phone. Locate the Google Play Store icon and tap on it.
  • As this is the first time you are logging in to your Google account, you will be asked to enter your Google username. Please enter the username and then click on Next option.
  • You will now be asked to enter your password. Make sure you enter the exact password that you have typed when creating the Google account and then click on next to log into Google Play Store.
  • If you have multiple Google accounts, then click on the three dots or the menu icon that you see on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Scroll down to get access to the username option.
  • Click on the down arrow that you see in the username option and choose the account through which you want to access Google Play Store.

How to download apps from Play Store?

  • Open the Google Play Store by pressing the icon on your home screen. It will be available in the device apps section.
  • If you have previously logged into Google from the device, you will automatically be taken to the Play Store page. If not, you will be directed to the Google account sign in page where you need to enter your username and password and then gain access to Google Play Store.
  • There will be two main categories on offer, namely Apps and Games and Entertainment. You will find all kinds of fun and game apps in the first category. Click on the category you like to browse through a wide variety of apps offered under the categories.

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  • If you know the name of a specific app that you want to download, and then type the name in the search option that you see on top.
  • A list of apps appears. Choose one that you are looking for and tap on it.
  • You will be taken to the home page of that app where the details and information about the app will be provided. There will be an install option as well.
  • Tap on it and the app will get downloaded and then installed on your device.
  • You can find the downloaded app in the device’s app section. Tap on it and you can start to use the app on your phone.

Play Store app not found

If you are not finding the Play Store app on your Android device, then you can try the following things to find it.

  • Try switching off your Android device and then switching it back on after a couple of minutes. You might find the app in the Apps section.
  • There is a chance that the app might have been accidentally hidden from you. It can be found out by re-enabling the app.
  • Tap on the Google Play Store app on your device.
  • Now, tap on the menu option and then look for’ My apps and games’ and then look for All at it.
  • All the apps that you have downloaded will be shown on your screen. Look for the app that you want to install and either tap on ‘Install’ or ‘Enable’ to get the app on your device.

Easy access to Play store for Android devices

Most of the people have some kind of android devices like smart phones, tablet etc which makes downloading of various apps easy. These devices with pre-loaded play store offer easy access to the various apps needed for making life easy.  However, some of the android devices do not have the play store access and you need to find other methods for getting the download from play store.

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Play Store Free For Android Download And Installation

  • Using the android device you have, search for APK files for downloading Google play store.
  • Once you find the files, download it your android device directly. Make sure that you are getting the files from a reliable source.
  • Now using the settings option in the android device locate the option “Download from unknown Source” and enable the download link.
  • Install the downloaded APK Google Play Store files on the device by just tapping on the downloaded APK files.

Check the device after some time to ensure that the installation has done.

Using Play Store For Android Download On Androids Without Wi-Fi

Some people may be having androids which don’t have Wi-Fi option. In such devices, the play store download can be achieved by a different method.

  • Use your PC to download the latest APK files and store it in a folder for easy retrieval.
  • Connect the android device to the PC using USB cable.
  • Transfer the stored APK files in PC to the Android phone or tablet.

Opening The Play Store Download Free

  • To open the Google play store app. You will need to have the ES file explorer APK installed from the android download folder.
  • Open the Play Store and select the app to be downloaded.

The methods provided here are simple. For more information, search on the web on how to download Play store for free.

Get in Google Play free the apps for Download

The Google play store offers the latest version of many apps which are useful in daily life and for entertaining the users.  You can have a better app experience with Google play store installed on your PC, mobile, tablet, etc. for free. Some of the Android devices do not come with preloaded play store. In such cases, there are other methods which enable to download the play store to the device.

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Find The APK Files For Play Store Free Download

To find the appropriate APK files for Google play store, search on the web

  • Tap on the link with android logo to get access to the link
  • To start downloading the APK files tap on the link
  • After downloading the files tap on the APK files to install them
  • After the installation of APK files is complete, open the files
  • This will provide you access to the Google play store using any Android device.

Select The App From Play Store Download App List

  • Once you get the access to play store using the device, tap on the play store icon which present either on the home screen or on the app drawer to get the list of apps in the play store in the required category.
  • You can use the menu button or the 3 dot symbols on the top-right-hand side of the device to select the app option. You can select the account settings according to your need.

Download From Play Store Free For Android

  • To download the apps from the Google play store, you will need to tap on the search icon and enter the text to be searched.
  •  Read the description about the app and find out the one is more suitable for your need. Tap on ‘accept and download” once you find the appropriate app to download it.

Play Store for Blackberry

descargar play store para blackberryIf you are looking to get all  the Google Play Store apps on your Blackberry devices, then you will be happy to know that you can get it easily from Amazon App store. If you are interested in getting Play Store for Blackberry phone, then check out the following simple steps.

Download Play Store for Blackberry

  • Visit on your Blackberry browser and tap on “Download the Amazon Appstore” option.
  • A pop up window will appear asking you the file name and where you want to store the Appstore.
  • Tap on save in the top right and then tap the file to commence downloading the file.
  • Once the file is downloaded, tap on the Install button and you will soon see a pop up window appearing on your Blackberry screen asking you for device permission to run the newly downloaded file.

Log Into Amazon Appstore To Access Lay Store Free Download The Amazon Appstore will now appear on the Blackberry home screen as soon as it has been installed. Tap on it. You will be asked to enter your Amazon email and password and once you complete this you need to tap on “Sign in with my Amazon account” option. If you do not have an Amazon account, then you need to tap on “Create Account” option to get your Amazon account in order to proceed further and to download Play Store on your Blackberry device. Installing Google Play Store Download For Blackberry From the Amazon Appstore that you have just downloaded on your Blackberry, swipe the app up and down to view featured and recommended apps. Tap on the magnifying glass on the top right to type and search for Google Play Store App. Once you locate the app, tap on it and it will get downloaded on your Blackberry device.

Play Store Download for iPhone

Most of the iPhone users feel that the apps offered on their phone is not as good as what is offered in and Android operating system device. Are you also feeling the same and want to get Google Play Store for tablet apps on your iPhone? You have landed on the right page and you will find below the steps involved in getting Play Store App for iPhone.

descargar play store para iphone

Google Play Store App for iOS

Visit openappmarket website from your mobile browser or search it in Google search page, once you reach the openappmarket store, tap on the app to check on Add to Home Screen option; open this icon on your Home screen and search for Google Play Store in the open app market website. Once you find the Play Store free Download app icon, tap on it and then press install option that comes up in the pop up window to download the app. The app that you have downloaded will be installed in your Home screen. Tap on it to access all apps offered by Play Store on iPhone.

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Play Store Download for iPhone

Download Jailbreak option on your iPhone and install it once it gets downloaded. Launch Cydia from the iPhone home screen and tap on Manage button, followed by sources option, then Edit option and finally tap on Add option: Install Cydia on your iPhone and then download Bootlace and run Bootlace and then install it on the iPhone.

iDroid Installation To Complete Play Store Download For iPad

Install iDroid on your iPhone now. You can only get the iDroid on your phone after you have installed Bootlace. Tap on iBoot and tap on the OK button to download play store Android operating system for your iPhone.
Install the downloaded iDriod on your phone and through this you will be able to easily access Google Play Store app on your iPhone.

Play Store Download for Tablet

If you are using an old Android tablet or a device, then there are now many ways open for you to get the Google Play Store downloaded on your tablet. You do not wait for the updates to be pushed towards your side to update to the latest Play Store app and you can do it by adopting any of the following methods that here mentioned below.

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Play Store For Android Download

  • If you have Google Movies, Google Music or Google Books installed on your Android tablet then you can easily get the latest Google Play Store free App on your device.
  • All you need is to head into the Android market and update these apps. They will automatically get updated to Play Movies, Play Music or Play Books respectively.
  • Now open any of these apps and tap on the store icon and you will be taken to the new Google Play Store.
  • You will just need to accept the new terms and conditions for the Google Play Store and the app will automatically be updated in your tablet.

Play Store Download for Tablet

  • logo play storeGo to settings menu in your tablet and tap on applications.
  • Tap on manage applications and scroll to find Market.  Clear the data cache and then tap on Android Market.
  • This will open the Android market where you need to accept the new terms and conditions to get Google Play Store on your tablet.
  • Once you tap the accept option you will see the Google Play app get updated in your tablet automatically.

Install APK File To Access Play Store Free Download

  • You can download Play Store for iPhone APK file to your tablet from any trusted source by searching or the same on Google search engine.
  • Once you download the APK file on the tablet, install it and you will find that the Google Play Store gets updated on your tablet in place of Android Market app.

Play Store Download for PC

If you are not having an Android device with you and you are still interested in downloading games or interesting apps from Google Play Store, then you will be happy to know that there is a way to get full access of the Play Store free for Android device. You will be able to use these apps on your PC. The Bluestacks Android emulation program will come to your rescue and this will allow you to access Android apps on your PC.

play store google descargar

Play Store Download for PC

  1. Download BlueStacks installer from reliable sources on the web and then run it on your device.
  2. You need to click on “continue” option whether pop up window shows up.
  3. Click on ‘App Store access” and then on “App notifications” to reach the Install button. Click on the install button to install BlueStacks on your PC.

Google Play Store Free

  • Once BlueStacks is downloaded, launch it from your Start screen icon or through desktop shortcut.
  • Click on magnifying glass to search for the Google Play Store App. Once you locate it, click install next to the app to download it on your computer.
  • You sometimes might need to log into your Google account by using your Google email and password to get access of the app. If you do not have a Google account, then you need to create a new gmail account before moving forward to download the play store app.

Download Play Store App

  • Click on the Google Play Store icon that you have downloaded for PC to run the Google Play Store app on your system.
  • Once the installation process is complete, press the ESC key few times to return to the BlackStacks home screen. Click on the My Apps option and choose the Google Play Store app in the list to access the apps in the Play Store.

Play Store Download for Samsung

Android market has been renamed as play store and it offers various apps for the Android devices, Samsung devices are based on the android operating system and most of them have the Google play store preloaded on them. If you have existing Google descargar play store para samsungaccount, it will be easy to use the Google play store for Samsung device.

Play Store Download for Samsung

  • From the home screen, tap all applications
  • Tap on play store download icon
  • Tap existing if you have the account
  • Now add your email address and tap enter
  • Provide the password and sign in
  • In case you want to purchase the application adds information about your bank card and tap save. If you are not interested in purchasing the apps skip this step.
  • Select the backup and restore option according to your need and click “next” option.
  • You will have access to Google play store. You can search and download the free or free-based apps of your choice.

Play Store App Free For Samsung

  1. After starting the home screen and taping on play store, opt for “set up new Google account”.
  2. Enter the first and last name of the user in the boxes provided
  3. Create a new email address and tap on “Next
  4. Create and enter a new password and again tap “Next”
  5. Enter the information needed for recovery of the password and tap next
  6. Choose whether to join Google+ or not.
  7. Tap on “ I accept” option for signing in the Google service
  8. Complete the captcha provided
  9. Add bank card details if you wish to purchase the apps.
  10. Give the backup and restore option and tap next.
  11. Accept the terms of service by tapping “Accept”.
  12. Now play store will be available on your Samsung device.

If the Samsung device you have is without the pre-loaded play store, you need to download and install APK files for Google Play Store and then try getting access to Play Store.