Easy access to Play store for Android devices

Most of the people have some kind of android devices like smart phones, tablet etc which makes downloading of various apps easy. These devices with pre-loaded play store offer easy access to the various apps needed for making life easy.  However, some of the android devices do not have the play store access and you need to find other methods for getting the download from play store.

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Play Store Free For Android Download And Installation

  • Using the android device you have, search for APK files for downloading Google play store.
  • Once you find the files, download it your android device directly. Make sure that you are getting the files from a reliable source.
  • Now using the settings option in the android device locate the option “Download from unknown Source” and enable the download link.
  • Install the downloaded APK Google Play Store files on the device by just tapping on the downloaded APK files.

Check the device after some time to ensure that the installation has done.

Using Play Store For Android Download On Androids Without Wi-Fi

Some people may be having androids which don’t have Wi-Fi option. In such devices, the play store download can be achieved by a different method.

  • Use your PC to download the latest APK files and store it in a folder for easy retrieval.
  • Connect the android device to the PC using USB cable.
  • Transfer the stored APK files in PC to the Android phone or tablet.

Opening The Play Store Download Free

  • To open the Google play store app. You will need to have the ES file explorer APK installed from the android download folder.
  • Open the Play Store and select the app to be downloaded.

The methods provided here are simple. For more information, search on the web on how to download Play store for free.

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