Play Store Download for iPhone

Most of the iPhone users feel that the apps offered on their phone is not as good as what is offered in and Android operating system device. Are you also feeling the same and want to get Google Play Store for tablet apps on your iPhone? You have landed on the right page and you will find below the steps involved in getting Play Store App for iPhone.

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Google Play Store App for iOS

Visit openappmarket website from your mobile browser or search it in Google search page, once you reach the openappmarket store, tap on the app to check on Add to Home Screen option; open this icon on your Home screen and search for Google Play Store in the open app market website. Once you find the Play Store free Download app icon, tap on it and then press install option that comes up in the pop up window to download the app. The app that you have downloaded will be installed in your Home screen. Tap on it to access all apps offered by Play Store on iPhone.

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Play Store Download for iPhone

Download Jailbreak option on your iPhone and install it once it gets downloaded. Launch Cydia from the iPhone home screen and tap on Manage button, followed by sources option, then Edit option and finally tap on Add option: Install Cydia on your iPhone and then download Bootlace and run Bootlace and then install it on the iPhone.

iDroid Installation To Complete Play Store Download For iPad

Install iDroid on your iPhone now. You can only get the iDroid on your phone after you have installed Bootlace. Tap on iBoot and tap on the OK button to download play store Android operating system for your iPhone.
Install the downloaded iDriod on your phone and through this you will be able to easily access Google Play Store app on your iPhone.

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