Play Store Download for Tablet

If you are using an old Android tablet or a device, then there are now many ways open for you to get the Google Play Store downloaded on your tablet. You do not wait for the updates to be pushed towards your side to update to the latest Play Store app and you can do it by adopting any of the following methods that here mentioned below.

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Play Store For Android Download

  • If you have Google Movies, Google Music or Google Books installed on your Android tablet then you can easily get the latest Google Play Store free App on your device.
  • All you need is to head into the Android market and update these apps. They will automatically get updated to Play Movies, Play Music or Play Books respectively.
  • Now open any of these apps and tap on the store icon and you will be taken to the new Google Play Store.
  • You will just need to accept the new terms and conditions for the Google Play Store and the app will automatically be updated in your tablet.

Play Store Download for Tablet

  • logo play storeGo to settings menu in your tablet and tap on applications.
  • Tap on manage applications and scroll to find Market.  Clear the data cache and then tap on Android Market.
  • This will open the Android market where you need to accept the new terms and conditions to get Google Play Store on your tablet.
  • Once you tap the accept option you will see the Google Play app get updated in your tablet automatically.

Install APK File To Access Play Store Free Download

  • You can download Play Store for iPhone APK file to your tablet from any trusted source by searching or the same on Google search engine.
  • Once you download the APK file on the tablet, install it and you will find that the Google Play Store gets updated on your tablet in place of Android Market app.

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